That's what makes Christmas 'Special'

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Blue Box Bill - Posted on 26 December 2014

That's what makes Christmas 'Special' for fans of Doctor Who is the full title I chose for my comments. In as few words as possible let me express my disappointment with the 'sellers' of Doctor Who.

When I was checking the facts of my findings, all of which I may post later, I discovered that on the day after Christmas 2014, an iTunes Season Pass for Series 8 of Doctor Who now costs $32.99. August 23, 2014 I paid $39.99 for that same Pass. 4 months later I find the price is reduced by $7 and to add insult to injury for being a dedicated fan I now have the opportunity to pay an additional $5 for a 'Season Pass' to the 2014 Christmas Special which includes material ALREADY RELEASED on the Series 8 box set.

To put my dissatisfaction into sharper focus, consider for a moment that the actual 'shelf life' of Series 8 began August 23, 2014 with 'Deep Breath' and ended with 'Death In Heaven' on November 9, 2014 which is to say the Season lasted a little more than 2 months, 10 days.

All of this is to say that diehard fans who are willing to pay $40 up front for a Season Pass probably wouldn't refuse a Christmas gift in the form of the Christmas Special. I don't expect Steven Moffat or anyone else connected with the show's production to read this, much less to respond, but I for one would like to ask why the show's Christmas Specials are sold separate and apart from Series episodes? And the obvious answers like greed, profit and money are off the table as potential explanations.

Happy Wholidays and Happy Travels!
Blue Box Bill

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I've always felt that each year's Doctor Who Christmas special should be included in the "season" package of that year in iTunes instead of being sold separately for an additional cost. I've always considered the annual special as part of that year's series. I'm not singling out iTunes, the same is true for Amazon and any other service that offers them for streaming/downloading legitimately.

This year, I did appreciate the inclusion of the Doctor Who Extra episodes with each new DW episode, but there were some years where the 'extras' that come with the "season pass" are rather slim. It's okay because what I am really paying for are the actual episodes of DW, but when one considers the extras that come with the disc version of the series, there should be some kind of balance and one shouldn't be expected to have to re-purchase the media in different formats all the time just to get the missing extra content.

Unfortunately, I don't see things changing anytime soon.


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I couldn't agree more Louis.

I think what really bothered me the most was learning how much of a discount you can get on iTunes by waiting until the Series is over, which for all intents and purposes was a mere 70 days, only to learn that it would cost another three bucks for the Christmas Special, or five bucks or the so called Season Pass which basically provided you with the Christmas Special and the Extra for it. Not much of a deal when you consider the fact that much of the remaining content had already been released on DVD.

Indifferent Travels,
Blue Box Bill

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